People of Peace

I’ve been writing a lot about speaking about Jesus and being an ambassador for Christ. This is something that can be extremely intimidating. What I’ve been learning recently is that it doesn’t have to be.

When most of us think of evangelism we probably think about walking up to strangers and saying, “Hey, do you know about Jesus?” or “Do you know what would happen to you if you die tonight?” While this is challenging to people and can produce results in the right environment, I know from experience that more often then not this doesn’t result in very much. Sharing the gospel is more effective when done in relationships and done over time. Again this sounds intimidating. It involves going out and developing a relationship with someone new. While we think that this may be difficult, you probably actually already know someone and have a relationship with someone that would be willing to listen.

The-Viral-Gospel-Alex-Absalom-Ebook-Cover-Square72This person is your “person of peace.” I first heard about the idea of people of peace when I read Mike Breen’s book Building a Discipling Culture. Breen explains what a person of peace is and how this person can help you live missionally in your community. While that is a fantastic read, Alex Absalom has written a short FREE ebook that explains what a person of peace is.

Essentially a person of peace is, “someone who is not a Christian, yet who: Welcomes you, Receives you (and thus, probably unknowingly at first, receives Jesus in you), Serves you, You intentionally invest in, Operates as a gatekeeper, opening relational doorways into their network of relationships.” While we are intimidated with the idea of finding someone to share the gospel with, this book is a great reminder and a helpful guide for reaching people that you already know.

I’ve written about how we are to be ambassadors for Christ. Finding the person of peace that God has placed in your life is perfect application for being the ambassador God has called you to be. I highly encourage you to go download and read this book.

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