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New Missional Shift
This post is a Missional Shift update from Westbrook Christian Church

We’ve been working on making an intentional shift to being a more missional and outwardly focused church, and while it may not seem very important, studying The Story and looking at the whole story of scripture is one of the best foundations that our church can have as we make this missional shift a reality.

The Bible comes to us in the form of a story. While many of us treat it like a rulebook, the majority of it is narrative. It is the story of how God is at work in the world. He is at work in real life, in the everyday happenings of the world. The Bible is not divorced from life. He uses people and situations to bring about redemption in the world. Sometimes we don’t see God at work in the lower story of this world, but he is at work and has been since the very beginning.

As his followers, we recognize his work in the every day and it’s up to us to share about his work in the everyday world. The best way to do this is story. I know that in the last hundred years or so, the way to convince someone of the truth of scripture was with evidence, facts, and logic. We tried to explain every last facet of scripture with the fossil record, archaeology, and logical arguments. While this form of apologetics is beneficial in certain circumstances, the historical facts of the Bible don’t introduce you to the God who lives and moves in this world.

Peter encourages us to “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” Many times we read this and think we have to have a list of reasons why we believe that God is real or that Jesus really existed. The truth is, however, our hope is not in a set of irrefutable proofs, but in a living God who has been at work in our story as we live in His.

Most of us are intimidated by the mandate to share our faith, but if you know your own story, then you know the reasons that you believe. You may have come to believe because someone shared with you logical evidence, or you may believe because of the experiences you have had. In some way your story is different because of God’s work in your life.

Take some time this week and reflect on what God has done for you. You might find it beneficial to find a way to express this, maybe through journaling, poetry, art, blogging, or something else.

Whatever you do, answer these questions:

  • How has God changed my story?
  • How can God change the story of someone I know who doesn’t know Jesus?

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