Books, Blogs, & Bargains

I want to be more intentional about sharing with you what I’ve been reading, both in print and online. That being said, here are some books, blogs and bargains.


17234575Recently I watched The Giver. This lead me to reread The Giver and subsequently to discover that there are in fact three more books that follow The Giver. If you haven’t already, I would recommend reading these books. I know that they considered kids books, but there’s a lot packed into these fairly short books. They offer up some interesting commentary on society when you compare the stories to the in which world we live. They’re quick reads, but I bet that you won’t be disappointed.

10955338_410162179165408_8276607660415546846_nAlso I’ve been reading Jeff Vanderstelt’s book Saturate. This one is going to get a full review when I’m finished reading it, but I can tell you already that I love the book. I heard Jeff speak in 2013 when he came to Chicago with the regional Verge conference and loved what he had to say about Gospel Fluency. I’ve been disappointed that he didn’t have a book, but now he does, and so far I love it. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up, too.


I work with some really great guys at Westbrook Christian Church. They’ve written some great stuff this last week and so go check out what they’re writing.


surprised by hopeTechnically this is a plug for another blog (, but they got all the details on great N.T. Wright books on sale. So go check out the deals on some great books including Surprised by Hope & Scripture and the Authority of God. These are some great deals worth checking out.

Click here to check out the sale.

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