I’m sorry.

Photo Credit: LexnGer via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: LexnGer via Compfight cc

My goal with this blog is to share about being a follower of Jesus in everyday life. I want to write about personal experiences, books, and things that I have learned that point to how to live for and like Jesus on a daily basis. That being said, there are also many people in this world who do things in the name of Jesus who set a poor example of what it means to follow Jesus. So this week I’m writing to say, I’m sorry for those who set bad examples and don’t show what it really means to follow Jesus. Continue reading

Stop telling people about Christianity

speaking-cover-lgWhat do we share with people when we share our faith with them? In his book Speaking of Jesus: The Art of Not-Evangelism, Carl Medearis argues that more often than not we are telling people about Christianity and not Jesus. At first it sounds a bit crazy that you could do this.  How can someone tell about Christianity and not tell people about Jesus? Donald Miller proved that this is possible in his book Searching For God Knows What when he shared the Gospel with a group of Christian college students and left one thing out. He asked them what he left out, and they didn’t know. He left out Jesus. It’s possible to talk about our faith and forget the most important person. So often, we tell people about sin, the origin of the world, we present logical arguments for the existence of God and the supernatural, we may even tell them that Christianity offers freedom from sin and eternal life, but we can fail to introduce them to the person of Jesus Christ.
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