Practicing Presence with my Family

About five and a half years ago my life changed. In 2009, Lindsay and I got married. From that day forward, my life changed. My life now included Lindsay.  Around a year ago, my life changed again. Our daughter, Claire, was born. When I come home from the office, I come home to my family, and this past year I have learned even more that I need to practice being present with my family. In my continuing resolution to be present, after God and myself, I need to be present to my family.

Telefonerende vader met huishoudschort geeft baby de fles. [1961].Growing up I loved to play computer and video games. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the 90s when video games really because popular, but I really like to play them. Now it’s even worse because they’re on my phone. On top of video games there are so many different ways that we have come up with to occupy ourselves. We get sucked into TV, Social Media, the Internet, 24 hour sports channels, and our phones and tablets. There are limitless ways to be in the same place with someone else but not be present to them. Continue reading

A Disciple’s Home

Recently, I’ve been writing about the different parts of being a disciple. We’ve talked about what a disciple’s schedule and work look like. It’s also important to talk about what a disciple’s home looks like. Much like our schedule, it can be really easy to relegate spiritual activity to a specific time or a specific place. Many people see a place of worship as the place where they are spiritual. Some may even include a weekly Bible Study or small group, which may or may not happen in their home, as a time and place where spiritual formation happens. Just like our schedule, however, living as a disciple encompass everyplace that we are. Continue reading