The Importance of Incarnation

One of the most important parts of the story of Christ is the incarnation. God takes on flesh and moves into the neighborhood. Jesus invests himself in the story of the world in order to restore the world to the way it was. Hugh Halter writes in his new book Flesh, “The incarnation is a story of passion. God longed for everything to be back the way it was, and therefore He sent His Son Jesus to remedy the cycle of sin so that everything could be made new!” For most Christians, however, the importance of the incarnation ends with the ascension of Jesus. He was here in flesh, died, rose again, and then left. End of incarnation. Halter, however, writes Flesh to help us understand the lasting importance of Jesus’ incarnation into the world. The fact that Jesus came into the world and lived a human life has lasting significance not only terms of salvation, but also means a great deal for us still living a human life in this world. Not only does Jesus come to remedy the cycle of sin, but he comes to show us what it means to be human. Halter writes that Jesus did not only come to die, but he came to live. Many of us view, “Jesus through His death on the cross instead of His life in the neighborhood.” Continue reading