Book Recommendations

I love books and I love to tell people about books. Here are some ebooks that are currently on sale (I don’t know for how long) and are very much worth your time & money. I don’t know when the book sales end, but you should definitely check them out.

Introverts-in-the-churchIntroverts in the Church

Around the time that I graduated from college, I realized that I was an introvert. Now this doesn’t mean that I am a recluse or extraordinarily awkward around people. Instead, it has more to do with how I process thoughts and get my rest and it wasn’t until my senior year of college that I really began to understand what this meant. Continue reading

How is your Soul?

Soul-Keeping1John Ortberg opens his latest book with the story of a town settled on the banks of a beautiful stream. This stream delivers pure water to the town. The town paid for an old man to care for the springs that fed this stream. After a long time of paying the man, the town decided that his work was not necessary and that they would spend their money on other things. After a while the water was no longer pure and people were becoming ill from drinking the water. The town realized their mistake and began to pay the old man again to upkeep the springs. Then Ortberg concludes the story by saying, “The life of the village depends on the health of the stream. The stream is your soul. And you are the keeper.” In this new book, Soul Keeping, John Ortberg challenges us to not neglect the keeping of our soul. In the same way the health of the village depended on the stream, our health depends on how well our soul is kept. Continue reading