Common Life

the bestI know that it might surprise a few of you who know me to find out that I am an introvert. This doesn’t mean that I’m asocial or don’t like people. In fact, I love to spend time with friends and family. What it does mean is that I do most of my processing in my head and find rest in quiet alone (or mostly alone) times. That being said, however, I am coming to recognize the value of being in community with others. By that, I don’t simply mean being around other people. What I mean is sharing our lives, experiences, and even hard times with others.

As a society, true community is a necessity that we have learned to go without. We have created a culture of isolation where we fence off ourselves more and more in our homes around media and our devices. It seems like very few people know their neighbors and share very little of our lives with those outside of our families. And in some ways media and social media have increased our isolation by creating the appearance of being connected with people while having very little connection with others. Continue reading

Walking in light of the Resurrection

Walking in light of theMuch like Christmas, Easter tends to be one of those things that we do and move on with our lives. The only difference is that you don’t find a lot of people walking around wishing that we would live every day like it’s Easter. We love the Christmas spirit, the idea of peace on earth, and exchanging gifts. We want every day to be Christmas. Easter doesn’t get the same kind of sentiments. Maybe because it is seen by many as more a specifically Christian holiday, but still Easter just isn’t as big as Christmas. I’m sure some of you do wish that every day was Easter, but the vast majority of our culture has already moved on from Easter even though it was the beginning of this week. Continue reading

Books, Blogs, & Bargains

I want to be more intentional about sharing with you what I’ve been reading, both in print and online. That being said, here are some books, blogs and bargains.


17234575Recently I watched The Giver. This lead me to reread The Giver and subsequently to discover that there are in fact three more books that follow The Giver. If you haven’t already, I would recommend reading these books. I know that they considered kids books, but there’s a lot packed into these fairly short books. They offer up some interesting commentary on society when you compare the stories to the in which world we live. They’re quick reads, but I bet that you won’t be disappointed. Continue reading

The Importance of Resurrection

The Resurrection of Christ, by Unknown Icon Painter, Bulgarian, Public Domain
The Resurrection of Christ, by Unknown Icon Painter, Bulgarian, Public Domain

This past weekend, we celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus, one of the biggest holy days of the Christian year. As followers of Jesus, however, what do we do with the resurrection? Yes, of course, we believe it and we celebrate it, but what do we do about it? A fairly typical discussion of the resurrection and it’s result goes like this, “Jesus died, was buried, and rose again. Because he defeated death, we get to defeat death too. I can’t wait until the resurrection, then I’ll have a new body.”

While I believe that every part of that statement is true, I believe that there is more to the discussion than only the future hope of the resurrection. So here’s the question that we all need to work through, if the resurrection is true, how does this affect our present reality? continue reading

Why is Scripture a Story?

Last week, I wrote about how it is a common misconception that the Bible is a series of do’s and don’ts. In reality, the Bible is primarily stories. The majority of the Old Testament comes to us in narrative form. The first five books of the New Testament comes to us in the form of stories as well. The Bible is far from being primarily a book of rules and laws. While there are many directives in scripture, the most important parts of the Bible come to us in the form of stories.

Why did God do this?

continue reading