Present in the World

Earlier this week, I wrote about how being an ambassador for Christ means to live out His mission. The second part of being an ambassador is being present in the world. If you are an ambassador, part of your job is to present in whatever country to which you are ambassador. You live life there and maintain a presence for your home country.

The same is true for us. As ambassadors for Christ, we maintain a presence for Jesus in the world. When Jesus was in the world, he “became flesh, and made his dwelling among us.” He was present with his creation. Jesus didn’t do what he did from the outside, he did it from within the world. He came to us, rubbed shoulders with us, and showed us a new way to live. Philippians 2 says that he gave up his lofty position in order to live among us as one of us. It’s amazing that God goes to such great lengths to love and rescue his people.

The best way, I think, to explain this is to use the explanation the Greg Nettles and Alex Absalom use in their book One Of.
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