Practicing Advent

practicing adventThe hustle and bustle of the holiday season has begun. We are planning, shopping, cleaning, and wrapping. Christmas is almost here. The same can be said for the church. We just put up the Christmas trees at Westbrook. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but it’s not Christmas yet. We’re in a season of waiting.

This Sunday marks the beginning of Advent. You’re probably familiar with the term because of Advent Calendars that mark off the days of December leading up to Christmas. Advent is, in fact, an official season in the church calendar that begins 4 Sunday before Christmas and ends with Christmas Eve. It’s a time set aside to wait on the coming of Jesus and prepare ourselves for the celebration of Christmas. We remember how Israel waited for the Messiah and recognize that we are waiting for Jesus to come and restore all things.

It’s a time of waiting and expectation, and let’s be honest, most of us are bad at waiting.  Continue reading

Practicing Presence in the World

Last year I heard Dr. Phil Kenneson speak at the slow church conference. His talk (which you can listen to here) was deeply impactful to me. He talked about presence and one of the most impactful things he said was, “We don’t have anything more precious to give each other than our own presence.” He didn’t say our gifts, abilities, or wise words, but simply our presence. This doesn’t just mean that we are physically in a room or shared space with someone, but instead he means present with that person being attentive and devoting time to that person. The final challenge of being present is being present is being present in the world. Continue reading

Practicing Presence with my Family

About five and a half years ago my life changed. In 2009, Lindsay and I got married. From that day forward, my life changed. My life now included Lindsay.  Around a year ago, my life changed again. Our daughter, Claire, was born. When I come home from the office, I come home to my family, and this past year I have learned even more that I need to practice being present with my family. In my continuing resolution to be present, after God and myself, I need to be present to my family.

Telefonerende vader met huishoudschort geeft baby de fles. [1961].Growing up I loved to play computer and video games. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the 90s when video games really because popular, but I really like to play them. Now it’s even worse because they’re on my phone. On top of video games there are so many different ways that we have come up with to occupy ourselves. We get sucked into TV, Social Media, the Internet, 24 hour sports channels, and our phones and tablets. There are limitless ways to be in the same place with someone else but not be present to them. Continue reading

Learning to be Present to Myself

The next area of presence that I am resolving to practice this year is being present to myself. I know on the surface that this sounds very selfish, but it’s really a vital step in the life of a disciple to recognize who they are, where they come from, and what’s going on inside of them.

EHS-bookIn the last year I have been going through the book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality with the other staff of Westbrook. This is really what has pressed upon me the need for presence to self. The book teaches how to look at what is going on inside you and what happened in your family to help you develop emotional health in order to be spiritually healthy. Many of us don’t take the time to analyze what is going on inside of us and why it is happening. This is what I mean by being present to myself. Being present to myself allows me to better remove the obstacles from being transformed into a more Christ-like person.

When I know myself, I know the causes of anger and frustration. I know what causes me to stumble or succeed. I know the areas where I need to be more patient. I begin to know how to overcome those obstacles that stand in the way of loving God well and loving others well. This is why I have been working and continue working to know myself better. When I ignore these things and pretend like everything is okay, I fail to love as best I can and loving well is at the heart of Christian spirituality. In fact in the Emotionally Heathy course they say that, “The essence of true Christian Spirituality is learning to love well.”

I want to challenge you to take sometime and try to figure out why you are the way you are and if you have the time read Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. I believe that being present to ourselves better allows to being present to others because we can remove the obstacles that get in the way of loving God and loving others well.

Practicing Presence with God

51wD56vwVtL“That practice which is alike the most holy, the most general, and the most needful in the spiritual life is the practice of the Presence of GOD. It is the schooling of the soul to find its joy in His Divine Companionship, holding with Him at all times and at every moment humble and loving converse, without set rule or stated method, in all time of our temptation and tribulation, in all time of our dryness of soul and disrelish of GOD, yes, and even when we fall into unfaithfulness and actual sin.” [1]

This year, I’m making a different kind of resolution. I’m making a resolution to be present. My journey of intentionality and focus begins with an old practice commonly referred to as practicing the presence of God. One of the characteristics is omnipresence, or being present in all places. God is always present. The problem is that we are not always aware. This is why my first focus is to practice God’s presence. Continue reading

Practicing Presence

David BennerThis year, one of the most thought provoking books I read was Presence and Encounter by David G. Benner. Presence is a powerful word. It is a very simple and profound word, and in the last year, it is word that has reshaped my thinking about how the church should minister in the the world. It started when I heard David Fitch and Chris Smith speak on how the church should be present in the neighborhood. I encountered presence again when Dr. Phil Kenneson presented at the Slow Church conference. He said that we do not have anything more precious to give each other than our own presence. Now, David Benner’s new book Presence and Encounter has added even more depth and weight to the idea of presence. Benner shows how profoundly important it is for us to practice and experience presence in our lives. He writes, “the most vital and significant moments in life are moments of encounter.” [1] In order to make encounter possible, we have be present and experience presence. Continue reading

Is Jesus the Answer

Photo Credit: Steve Snodgrass via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Steve Snodgrass via Compfight cc

Recently I attended the Slow Church Conference over at Englewood Christian Church in Indianapolis. I had a fantastic time meeting new people and learning from brilliant theologians. I had the opportunity to reflect on my time at the conference over at the Slow Church Blog. In short, I was deeply struck by the discussion of making room for the presence of Christ in our lives and in the world. I believe that the church would benefit from an effort to be less efficient and focus on intentional and deliberate practices that cultivate the presence of Christ in our lives so that bring that presence to wherever we live.y that we practice the spiritual disciplines.

Read my reflection, and see what else is going on, over at the Slow Church Blog.

Prayer for the Presence of Christ in Your Life


Today is St. Patrick’s today. While most have a very low view of this day, the original intent was to celebrate the life of a man who changed an entire country for the kingdom of God.  In honor of this I day, I want to share with you a prayer that has been attributed to Patrick. At the heart of this prayer, it is request that Christ be present in our lives and that where we go the his presence goes with us and is seen by those with whom we interact. I pray that Christ will go before you today and that everyone who sees and hears you will see and hear Christ in you. continue reading

Present in the World

Earlier this week, I wrote about how being an ambassador for Christ means to live out His mission. The second part of being an ambassador is being present in the world. If you are an ambassador, part of your job is to present in whatever country to which you are ambassador. You live life there and maintain a presence for your home country.

The same is true for us. As ambassadors for Christ, we maintain a presence for Jesus in the world. When Jesus was in the world, he “became flesh, and made his dwelling among us.” He was present with his creation. Jesus didn’t do what he did from the outside, he did it from within the world. He came to us, rubbed shoulders with us, and showed us a new way to live. Philippians 2 says that he gave up his lofty position in order to live among us as one of us. It’s amazing that God goes to such great lengths to love and rescue his people.

The best way, I think, to explain this is to use the explanation the Greg Nettles and Alex Absalom use in their book One Of.
continue reading…